Friday 5 September 2014

Another bug fix release for Hoplite

Hoplite v2.3.5 is now available for Android and will be released for iOS soon.

  • Fixed fat finger mode
  • Fixed playing taking damage from bombs while descending in certain situations
  • Bug fixes for the prayer selection system
  • Fixed bug where Wizard Beam cooldown wouldn't refresh on level change
  • Fixed tapping on a distant magma tile or altar not requiring confirmation
  • Fixed a cooldown bug when Swift Leap and Lunge are used together while Wizard Beam is on cooldown
  • Taking shield choices from Apollo or Ares no longer counts against "Hoplite Master" achievement

Thursday 4 September 2014

Cards are the Future

Another update to Magma Music today and it's slowly starting to take shape.  

I'm going all "material design" although there's still a way to go before I get there.  You can swipe away albums that are queued to remove them from the queue but that's about the extend of interaction with the cards for the moment.