Hoplite is a turn-based strategy game focusing on tactical movement around small maps.

The game features roguelike gameplay elements such as procedural generation and permadeath while avoiding the traditional roguelike "bump-to-attack" combat in favour of movement based attacks.


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Concept designs by ShroomArts on his blog, which have now be incorporated into the game.

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Fan art.


Hoplite was originally created for the 2013 seven day roguelike challenge.

My aim for the challenge was to create a game that avoided the "bump-to-attack-over-and-over" and "stand-still-and-spam-attack-spell" style combat that seems to be so common in RPGs, especially on mobile platforms.

The original scoring and reviews for the challenge are available here.  Hoplite came 4th!

7DRL challenge screenshot


Programming and Design by Doug Cowley @MagmaFortress.

Graphics by ShroomArts [blogspot] @ShroomArts [twitter].

Music by Matt Mcfarland.

Font by Andrew Tyler.