Friday 27 September 2013

Stabbing and Lunging

A lot of people have been asking me recently to explain how Stab and Lunge work.  I thought I'd try something in the latest beta release (opt in here) to try and make these mechanics easier to understand.

Tiles that would be affected by a Stab or Lunge are now highlighted in red while targeting a move (holding your finger down) as in the screenshots below.  The tile highlighted blue indicates the player's location after the move.

I'd be interested to know what people think of the change, especially if you were unsure of the mechanics beforehand.

Other changes in 2.0.3:
  • You can now tap on a monster to show which tiles it can attack
  • Better checking and handling of bad save files
  • Fixed repeated button tapping issues
  • Fixed spelling mistakes
  • Fixed wizards firing two turns in a row
  • More hints added