Sunday 17 November 2013

Hoplite Beta Recap

It can be a bit hard to find and organise posts over in the testing community so I thought I'd post a recap of changes so far in the 2.1 beta

  • Achievements/unlock system
  • Sound/Music
  • New upgrades (available after completing achievements): 
    • Plant Spear: Throwing your spear into the ground stuns adjacent monsters
    • Leap Strike: Allows leaping onto demons, crushing them
    • Wizard Beam: Throw is replaced by a wizard beam
    • Swift Leap: Gain an additional free action after leaping
    • Protection: Become temporarily invulnerable after taking damage
    • Greater Sweeping Bash: Affects targets in a cone
  • New altars of Athena and Hephaestus 
General gameplay:
  • Archers will now always attempt to stay in range of the player
  • Bashing demons into the edges of the map or the altar now kills them instead of just stunning
  • The proportion of swordsmen is reduced at deeper depths
  • Demon starting locations are now less "unfair" (each depth has at least one safe first move)
  • Prayers can no longer be cancelled after seeing the options
  • Scoring has been reworked to be more transparent
    • Turn count bonus is only awarded if escaping with the Fleece.
    • Bonus = 1 + 10 / sqrt(turn count)
  • Restoration effect can only occur once per depth.  Cost reduced to 1
  • Patience cost reduced to 0
  • All levels of Bloodlust have cost increase by 1
  • Shielding Bash cost increased to 2