Monday 10 March 2014

7DRL: Day 2

Day 1:
I came up with a new idea while coding a bunch of player abilities.  My current focus is to have a game based around knocking enemies into environmental hazards to kill them.

Dungeon rooms would be full of traps, explosive barrels and so on and you'll have a bunch of abilities to force enemies where you want them, get around the map quickly and create more hazards.

Day 2:
Having interesting rooms is going to be the big challenge in this game and it basically consumed the whole day.  So far we've got spikes, pools of water, explosive barrels and bear traps and a bunch of other random clutter to fill up rooms.

I'm going for a sort of Sin City style look where it's mostly grey scale with effects in colour.

I like the candles
Fus Ro Dah!