Wednesday 27 August 2014

Magma Music

I couldn't find a music player for Android that did exactly what I want so I made one.  You can grab it from Google Play here

What I want:
0) Treat every directory under Android's "Music" as an album
1) Pick an album
2) Play the album
3) Goto 1

If you're looking for a music player with a lot of features, this is not the one for you.

Also, please note, this application is a work in progress.  It is rough around the edges and there are bound to be many bugs I am not aware of.

It already does 99% of what I want in a music player and I have been starting to lose the motivation to keep working on it so I thought I would just release what I have done.

What I plan to add next:
- Gapless playback.  The other "1%" of what I want in a music player.
- Interface overhaul.  The current layout was intended as a placeholder.
- Widgets with playback control for the lock screen/home screen/notification.