Tuesday 28 October 2014

Still Life

Play it here.

A quick attempt to turn yesterday's experiment into a game.  It's a series of puzzles where your aim in each is to eradicate the life form without letting any of it reach the edge of the map.

I've tweaked the rules slightly since yesterday.  Moving into slime will now destroy it and diagonal movement (numpad/vi-keys) is allowed.

If you beat all five, your can click on tiles to make your own (type 'C' to clear)

It is too complex to be a fun game in my opinion.  I found it easier to solve each one with brute force rather that trying to calculate how my movement would affect the slime creature.

I was shown Dungeon Janitor yesterday.  Your aim is also to remove slime but with a slime behaviour that is much easier to understand making for a much better game.